American outdoor sports brand Hoka One One (hereinafter referred to as "Hoka") announced the official launch of the "Fly Human Fly" global integrated brand marketing campaign and launched a new running shoe Mach 5.

According to the brand, the original intention of the "Fly Human Fly" campaign is to invite all runners to fly to a whimsical world full of fun, energy and possibilities. It will serve as a tool to encourage consumers to get on the starting line, meet Hoka and "fly to new heights" together.

Hoka also launched a new creative 60-second short film "Pursuit" for the event. In the clip, runners wear Hoka running shoes, leaping over obstacles and running around the city. The short film exemplifies Hoka's "superior belief in the power of sports", which provides strong support for all runners every step of the way and meets all runners' needs from body to heart. The short film ends with the campaign name "Fly Human Fly" and features the brand's iconic flying bird logo.

Hoka said the campaign will continue to expand its reach on digital media platforms around the world. 'Fly Human Fly' will be given a powerful visual language, utilizing the striking colorway that Hoka products are known for in the industry, accentuating the iconic Hoka bird logo. At the same time, Hoka will renew its brand image on a global scale, and "Fly Human Fly" will also serve as a new brand slogan.

Norma Delaney, vice president of global brand marketing at Hoka, said: “Hoka has had a lot of support from endurance athletes since its inception. When runners experience Hoka’s innovative products, they fall in love with the comfort and lightweight feel. Over the years , The good reputation established by word of mouth among runners has always been an inexhaustible driving force for the growth of the Hoka brand. Those runners who are familiar with Hoka have become our lifelong fans.”

added Gretchen Weimer, vice president of global product at Hoka, “ The "Fly Human Fly" campaign represents "an opportunity to showcase the brand to a wider audience". "We've done a great job building our reputation through word of mouth, but now we're going to introduce this brand to the world and tell them why we exist."

It is reported that the "Fly Human Fly" campaign will be launched in more than 32 countries and will be Experiences are held at retail stores in New York, Malibu, West Hollywood, California, and Chicago, as well as distribution stores in China, Japan, Thailand and South Korea.

In addition, the Mach 5 running shoe debuted in conjunction with the Fly Human Fly” campaign. It is a race-ready, performance-driven running shoe. With a framed mesh upper and a tiled tongue, the shoe is lightweight and high-performance. Its elasticity 'Profly midsole foam and rubber EVA, the perfect balance between speed and comfort. The Hoka Mach 5 is now on sale at for $140.

Currently, according to Hoka's parent company, Deckers OutdoorIn its latest earnings report, Hoka’s annual sales are approaching $1 billion. In the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2022, Hoka sales increased by 59.7% year-on-year to $283.5 million; for the 2021/2022 fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, Hoka sales increased by 56.1% to $891.6 million.