Bosideng, which takes down jackets as its core category, has once again added more to the outdoor professional field. On May 17 , Bosideng opened another outdoor flagship store on the Tmall platform.

In fact, since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 , outdoor sports have become a new trend in the clothing industry. According to the May 1 holiday data previously released by Xiaohongshu, searches related to “ camping ” have soared for three consecutive years. The previous Beijing Winter Olympics has driven a number of international outdoor brands to enter the Chinese market.

Among them, Bosideng announced at the end of 2021 that its wholly-owned subsidiary will establish a joint venture with Bogner , a German luxury sports fashion apparel brand , and will introduce and jointly operate the BOGNER brand and the FIRE+ICE brand in China. This marks Bosideng's willingness to develop in the field of outdoor sports, as well as high-end and fashion.

Judging from Bosideng's new outdoor flagship store, although most of the products overlap with the brand's original flagship store, the outdoor flagship store has added categories of usage scenarios and technological functions. Among them, the usage scenarios are divided into leisure, fashion, business, and camping, skiing, and mountain climbing.

In order to accelerate the drainage of the new outdoor flagship store, Bosideng launched a four-day gift-giving event. According to the rules of the event, consumers who pay the first place and reach 10,000 yuan will receive a DJI drone worth nearly 3,000 yuan. The remaining gift categories include camping tents, Huawei sports bracelets, umbrellas, etc., all related to the field of outdoor sports.

In addition, sun protection clothing is the flagship category of the flagship store. Bosideng has launched more than 20 types of sunscreen clothing in terms of length, fabric technology and UPF value, with prices ranging from more than 200 yuan to 1,000 yuan. The sunscreen clothing of Uniqlo , Bananai and Ubras is basically around 200 yuan.

As of press time, two women's long sun protection clothes with a discounted price of 599 yuan have sold more than a dozen pieces. In addition, in the sunscreen category, only a few models with a lower price than the former have recorded sales.

In fact, the launch of high-end lines in non-core categories also confirms Bosideng's determination to transform into high-end and fashion. In 2018 , Bosideng proposed the strategic direction of " focusing on the main channel, focusing on the main brand, shrinking and diversifying " , focusing on the mid-to-high-end down jacket market, also known as Bosideng's " second venture " .

Under this operating policy, Bosideng's revenue has steadily increased from 8.88 billion yuan in 2018 to 13.52 billion yuan in 2021 . Among them, the proportion of down jacket business revenue increased from 63.6% to 80.5% .

In order to enhance the high-end transformation of Bosideng down jackets, also starting in 2018 , Bosideng participated in New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, and hired Yang Mi, William Chan, Xiao Zhan and other traffic stars as spokespersons. At the same time, Bosideng also cooperated with well-known designers such as Jeau-Paul Gaultier , the former design director of Hermès , to launch a high-end joint series.

According to the China Merchants Securities Research Report, the average price of the Bosideng brand has increased from 1,000 yuan in 2017 to 1,600 yuan in 2020 . At the end of 2021 , Zhu Gaofeng, chief financial officer and vice president of Bosideng, said at the performance meeting that the main price of its down jackets will be above 2,000 yuan in the next three years.

At present, Bosideng obviously also hopes to compete for the high-end price of luxury down jacket brands such as Moncler and Canada Goose . Bosideng has specially set up a window for the Dengfeng series in the product classification of the outdoor flagship store, and the price of this series is between 12,000 yuan and 15,000 yuan , and there is no sales record so far.

However, several products of the Dengfeng 2.0 series have only two sporadic consumption evaluation records in Bosideng's original brand flagship store, which reflects the coldness of its high-end series.

There is no doubt that the price range from one hundred yuan to ten thousand yuan is difficult for consumers to fully accept. If Bosideng wants to transform from a mass brand to a high-end brand, it cannot only rely on the differentiation and adjustment of product line prices, but also needs a longer time to build brand value.