How can Chinese clothing brands continue to create high-quality original content? In addition to hard training of internal skills, it is also necessary to see six ways, listen to all directions, and find more diverse and rich "co-creation" resources and forms of cooperation.

In the spring and summer of 2022, Lilang will join hands with "China National Geographic" magazine, spokesperson Han Han, and popular photographers to bring together a joint event and series of products with the theme of "seeing China with a good look". Lilang and "China National Geographic" jointly launched the "Chinese Landscape" original collection competition, inviting photographers from all over the country to record the great rivers and mountains of the motherland with their lenses, as the source of inspiration for the "Lilang Co-creation Plan", and integrated into the 2022 Lilang "China National Geographic Series" "Specially designed clothing products, and Han Han, the spokesperson of Lilang brand, went abroad to perform TVC advertising blockbusters.

This multi-party collaborative joint event goes beyond the traditional model of "1+1". From IP selection, design co-creation, product implementation, and marketing promotion, every link is eye-catching, promoting a high degree of originality, Personalized branded content with high engagement. This article will comprehensively analyze Lilang's first-hand experience of this theme joint event through the following four dimensions, hoping to inspire more Chinese brands to deepen foreign cooperation and create high-quality content:

From the concept and product inversion, find a suitable IP to invite the public to participate, create content together, refine design elements, and translate it into clothing works. With the help of good expressors, the sublimation theme

is reversed from concept and product to find a suitable IP for Han Han cooperation video planning Fang - creative service provider MATCH Mama also said: "It is actually a difficult thing to choose a suitable IP for cooperation. The first condition is that the two brand concepts are compatible, and the second is that product development can truly be implemented. Only by doing Only by walking on two legs can joint cooperation be truly opened."

This explains Lilang's idea of ​​finding joint partners, putting aside the superficial factors such as "traffic" and "topic", and "reversely pushes up" from the brand concept at the bottom and the final product landing. ". "China National Geographic" is a magazine with a long history. It was founded in 1950. It deeply integrates scientific literacy and humanistic care with geography as the main line. It is an authoritative media and mature IP that conveys the beauty of China's nature and humanity.

From Lilang's point of view, "how to maintain and continue the brand imprint of Lilang's men's clothing is our first consideration." In 2020, the brand put forward the concept of "new business men's clothing". Lilang realized that China's new business people pay attention to clothing, have a broad vision, and have cultural self-confidence. Therefore, "China National Geographic" naturally entered Lilang's vision during the conceptual planning stage of product development in the spring and summer of 2022, and the concepts of the two sides converged on a main line: "focus on the beauty of Chinese human geography and convey the rich voices from the great rivers and mountains of the motherland. , interpret the connotation of the brand's 'new business', and create a comfortable, stylish, and simple life dressing experience."

Looking back on Lilang's previous co-branding partners - "Chang'an Twelve Hours", "China Daily" ... also focused on Chinese cultural IP, Or retrospecting the wonders of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, or re-engraving the classic layout, it has always captured the cultural self-confidence of the Chinese, and has always been in line with its new business menswear concept.

Invite the public to participate and create content together "As Chinese culture is increasingly integrated into world culture, we are eager to continuously and deeply explore Chinese elements with consumers." Lilang and "China National Geographic" launched the "Chinese Scenery" original collection competition, targeting at All Chinese original photographers collect the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland, urban humanities and inspirational designs of "20,000 miles across and 5,000 years up and down" under the lens.

The event received a total of more than 1,000 applications for photography and design works. The brand screened out the photography works that could be integrated with its "new business aesthetics" design concept, joined the "Lilang Co-creation Program", and became the 2022 Lilang "China National Geographic Series" Inspirational elements for special designs.

Lilang wrote in the planning idea of ​​this co-creation activity: "Our motherland, with its vast land and abundant resources, and beautiful scenery, have nurtured a magnificent traditional culture. The reverence and yearning of the scenery and the deep understanding of the national culture." Looking at China through the lens of thousands of original Chinese photographers, this design involving the participation of the whole people is truly rooted in the cultural soil of the Chinese land and in everyone.

Lilang also mixed the shortlisted works of 100 outstanding photographers into a 90-second short film, and launched Weibo, WeChat video account, Station B and other platforms at the same time, inviting the audience to "watch the vast world and appreciate the mountains and rivers of China".

This co-creation activity is particularly powerful under the circumstances of repeated epidemics and blocked travel. Countless souls longing for freedom resonated at the same frequency through a brand event, and embraced the spiritual comfort given by nature in remote interaction.

Refining design elements, translating them into clothing works,
taking Chinese geography as the design inspiration and clothing as the expression carrier, weaving the geographical lines of mountains, rivers, lakes and seas into every stitch of clothing. Lilang's designers transformed the beautiful scenery under the lens of public photography into Lilang's 2022 spring and summer series through artistic reconstruction.

The Lilang designer team explained: "The designer's first impression of geography is lines. The rolling mountains are described with lines, and the surging rivers are also described with lines." Specifically, this series uses line drawing combined with a bird's-eye view of the waters. The abstract art realization methods such as color blocks and gradients are deduced, restoring the secret colors of Hoh Xil and Lop Nur, and depicting the rushing gesture of the mother river of the Chinese nation, the Yangtze River.

The designer team said: "In the past, most of Lilang's design themes will be a certain place in China, a culture, and there is rarely a keyword in the theme to describe the beauty of China, while the National Geographic of China contains the infinite beauty of China, let us It is full of yearning and design desire." Faced with the infinite beauty of China included in National Geographic of China, Lilang tried to use an abstract and general approach to refine it, which continued the brand's consistent philosophy - "Simple but not simple. ".

In terms of version design and fabric selection, the designer hopes to highlight the concept of "geography" and hope that the wearer can "exile the wilderness", so it combines outdoor fashion style with light and breathable fabrics suitable for summer. The details of the craftsmanship also hides "thinking between the lines of mountains and rivers and clothing", the designer team explained: "The details that need to be pursued most in men's clothing, the small ones can be the slightest difference in clothing for each car line, and the big ones are People's comfort after wearing."

Although the epidemic has hindered the travel plan, the 2022 Lilang "China National Geographic Series" special design combines the art of nature with clothing, so that the clothes have a natural soul. The cooperation series has landed in Lilang stores nationwide and sold in limited quantities.

With the help of good expressors, the sublimation theme
"National Geographic of China × Lilang × Han Han | Looking at China with a good look" TVC video is newly launched, pushing this multi-party joint activity to a climax. This is Han Han's third appearance in Lilang's brand advertisement after he became Lilang's spokesperson in 2020.

The preparations for the film's execution came just before the outbreak of the epidemic, and the optional shooting locations were limited. Lilang and Mama also hoped to present different landforms and rich visibility. After several deliberation, they chose Anji, Zhejiang. There is a famous camping base, "Little Hangkeng", which is called "Little Switzerland of China" by netizens, and the filming location of the famous movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

In the video, Han Han moved the scene of life to the mountains, rivers and bamboo forests. Between reading and work, he greeted the morning sun, listened to birdsong, and had a dialogue with the lake... Nature has become an alternative show for the brand, as well as Lilang's new business men's clothing. dress scene. In the narration, Han Han asked "How can I achieve a good-looking appearance when I live in beautiful nature?" Understanding of "beautiful". "Good-looking" is a pun, not only good-looking clothes, but also a good-looking attitude.

Ma Ma also said: "Han Han, the brand spokesperson, is a good expressor for us. As a writer and director, he often looks at the events and scenes around him from different states and perspectives."

Lilang Han Han and "China National Geographic" have sublimated the theme concept of this joint name: for China National Geographic, or for Lilang's new business, the important thing is not the phenomenon, but the concept; the important thing is not to go out, but to be more Come back from a good state; what matters is not just seeing the world, but renewing the way you see the world from within.

The epidemic may have temporarily stopped us, but the beautiful scenery of China is still waiting for us to explore. Lilang and "China National Geographic" held a sincere multi-party joint activity to encourage everyone to "see China with a good look" in a better state.