On April 28, Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton), a subsidiary of the French luxury giant LVMH Group , unveiled its new store in Lille, France. Located at 3 rue Chats-Bossus, Lille, the store was once home to L'Huîtrière, a famous local restaurant in Lille. The Art Deco style and colorful mosaic tiles make this historic building famous. In order to restore the exterior and interior walls of this ancient building, Louis Vuitton called in about 30 local craftsmen, including blacksmiths, marble inlay experts, etc., who carried out meticulous renovations to the entire building, such as: re-tile mosaics on the floor Tiles, cutting all the countertops from the past kitchen, etc.

At the opening of the store, Bernard Arnault , Chairman and CEO of LVMH Group, said: "The remodeled store has successfully preserved the original spirit of the building. More than half of Louis Vuitton stores in Europe have been remodeled in this way. , we always want to immerse ourselves in the local culture.”

Why did you choose to open a Louis Vuitton store here? Bernard Arnault recalls: “For me, this place is a bit of a place of pilgrimage. In the past, my parents used to take us to L'Huîtrière for dinner. About 3-4 years ago, I was passing by Lille to see Louis Vuitton. The original store, which I thought was too small and too crowded, came out of the store and I saw that the L'Huîtrière store was closed. I thought at the time, we must do whatever it takes to save this unique place.”

It is reported that this new store is the largest store opened by Louis Vuitton in northern France. Through this store, Louis Vuitton is continuing its strategy of opening stores in cities outside the French capital.

Bernard Arnault, of Lille's new store sales estimates, said: "Numbers are secondary, it's our team's passion for products and customers that matters. If we are driven by numbers, we cannot create dreams and aspirations, which (sales) eh) can only be the result of our work and passion".

Brand CEO Michael Burke agrees, "Numbers do not create sustainability, our priority is to ensure that Louis Vuitton will remain as the most desired brand in the world in the next 10 years, as it is today."

On the first floor of the store, Louis Vuitton has created a unique tea room in the world. This tea room was jointly created by the brand and the century-old dessert shop Méert in Lille. The tea room serves hot drinks and waffles, providing customers with a comfortable place to rest. “This is the first time Louis Vuitton has opened a tea room in a store since its inception, and we never thought about it before,” notes Michael Burke.


In addition to the luggage, fragrance and accessories supplied by the original store, the new Lille store also adds a new section for men's and women's ready-to-wear and shoes.

In mid-April, the LVMH group announced key financial data for the first quarter of the 2022 fiscal year (as of March 31): sales increased by 29% year-on-year (organic growth of 23%) to 18.003 billion euros, higher than previously expected by analysts. 17%. Sales in the Fashion and Leather Goods division, where Louis Vuitton is located, rose 35% year-on-year (30% organically) to 9.123 billion euros.